Natural Born Customer Oriented

Competence, experience, technical skills and dedicated tools identify Gimatic on the EOAT market. Our qualified staff sustained by our competence centers, always on growing to reach any single customer worldwide, is able to provide any kind of End of Arm Tools by the support of local and global competence, designed with the latest releases of Cad project tools, locally assembled and, upon request installed too.


  • 根据CAD图纸进行生产和组装
  • 我们可根据您的设备,设计机器人端接口,以及电气和传感器接口等,来提供整套的EOAT。   ,
  • 根据您的技术规格,进行布线和气动原件的安装。
  • 我们的设计是基于型材和非标板的基础上。
  • 全球化的销售网络,可实现各地的安装调试和维护服务
  • 技术资料,CAD文件,电气规划和风险分析
  • 我们不仅仅是提供部件,更提供专业的解决方案