Accessories for LMY and LMX guidances
  Download Catalogue
  LMK-010 Cylinder holder Ø40 250 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-011 Cylinder holder Ø50 400 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-012 Bracket for LinMot Ø28 slider bolt 300 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-013 LinMot slider bolt Ø28 100 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-014 Interface plate for LinMot stator PF01-48 530 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-015 Shock-absorber bracket for LMX guidance 230 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-016 Shock-absorber bracket for LMY guidance 230 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-017 Rod bolt holder for cylinder Ø40 190 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-018 Rod bolt holder for cylinder Ø50 280 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-019 Rod bolt for cylinder Ø50 110 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-020 Rod bolt for cylinder Ø40 60 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-021 Fastening kit for Origa rodless cylinder Ø32 (OSP-P32) 690 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-022 Fastening kit for Festo rodless cylinder Ø32 (DGP-32) 660 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-023 Clamping bracket for Omega system belt 200 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-027 End stroke button for shock-absorbers on LMX 45 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-028 End plate for LMX 245 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-029 End plate for LMY 140 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-030 M6 T-nut for LM slots (100 pieces) 1530 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-031 M8 T-nut for LM slots (100 pieces) 1420 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-032 Cover bracket (with cylinder) 110 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-033 Cover bracket (with energy chain) 100 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-034D Pulley AT5-25 for right motor 1540 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-034S Pulley AT5-25 for left motor 1540 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-035 End stroke button for shock-absorbers on LMY 30 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-036 Idle pulley AT5-25 650 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-037 Clamp for AT5-25 belt 200 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-038 Subassembly of "omega" transmission toothed pulley metric pitch "AT5" (moulded comp.) 2420 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-039 Rubber stopper 15 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-040 Subassembly of interface for guidances LMX/LMY 590 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-041 Subassembly of interface LL/LL/RBT 600 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-042 Subassembly of belt tension regulator 70 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-043 Subassembly of tightener (first assembly) 135 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-044 Sensor bracket 60 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-045 Mounting interface plate 550 DOWNLOAD
  LMK-046 90° mounting bracket 2700 DOWNLOAD
  LM-019 M6 T-nut for LM slots (1 piece) 15 DOWNLOAD
  LM-037 M8 T-nut for LM slots (1 piece) 15 DOWNLOAD