Metal Fastening Modules
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  MFM-A10-48P Adapter Ø30-20 in aluminum L=48 mm (1 piece), for TFC 24 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A114 Adapter Ø14-12 in aluminum L=14 mm (1 piece) 2 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A115 Adapter Ø20-16 in aluminum L=20 mm (1 piece) 6 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A116 Adapter Ø30-25 in aluminum L=30 mm (1 piece) 17 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A117 Extension Ø20 X 80 70 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A118 Interface for OFB40-50 80 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A119 Interface for OFB40-30 60 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A120 Adapter Ø14-10 in aluminum L=13 mm (1 piece) 3 DOWNLOAD
MFM-A122 EOAT handle 60 DOWNLOAD
  OF10L60 OF10L60 10 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A02 T connector Ø20-20, in steel (2 half-pieces + screws) 200 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A09 T connector Ø30-30, in steel (2 half-pieces + screws) 328 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A10-20 Adapter Ø30-20 in aluminum L=20 mm (1 piece) 13 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A10-30 Adapter Ø30-20 in aluminum L=30 mm (1 piece) 21 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A10-48 Adapter Ø30-20 in aluminum L=48 mm (1 piece) 33 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A11 Mounting bracket Ø30-75, in aluminum (kit with screws) 308 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A12 Interface between tubes Ø20 and QC90-B (kit with screws) 395 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A16 Interface between tubes Ø30 and QC150-B (kit with screws) 1030 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A17 Hinge with stud Ø20 in aluminum (1 piece) 56 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A18 Hinge with stud Ø30 in aluminum (1 piece) 82 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A19 Holder Ø20 for M10 and G1/8 suspensions (1 piece) 52 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A20 Holder Ø20 for M12 suspension (1 piece) 52 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A21 Holder Ø20 for M14 suspension (1 piece) 52 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A22 Holder Ø30 for M16 suspension (1 piece) 84 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A23 Holder Ø30 for M20 suspension (1 piece) 86 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A30 Mounting bracket Ø30, in steel (kit with screws) 69 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A36 Mounting bracket Ø36, in steel (kit with screws) 69 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A45 Mounting bracket Ø45, in steel (kit with screws) 80 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A55-38 Adapter Ø20-14 in aluminum L=38 mm (1 piece) 16 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A55-48 Adapter Ø20-14 in aluminum L=48 mm (1 piece) 19 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A56 Mounting bracket Ø56, in steel (kit with screws) 102 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A57 PB mounting connector (kit with screws) 25 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A85 T connector Ø50-50, in zamak (2 half-pieces + screws) 660 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A96 Adapter Ø50-30 in zamak (1 piece) 240 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A105 Adapter Ø30-24 in aluminum L=12 mm 8 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A106 Adapter Ø20-16 in aluminum L=12 mm 5 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A107 GNS-05 nipper mounting bracket (kit with screws) 30 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A108 GNS-10 nipper mounting bracket (kit with screws) 35 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A109 GNS-20 nipper mounting bracket (kit with screws) 100 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A110 Mounting bracket Ø14-36, in aluminum (kit with screws) 30 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A111 Mounting bracket Ø20-45, in aluminum (kit with screws) 65 DOWNLOAD
  MFM-A112 Mounting bracket Ø20-56, in aluminum (kit with screws) 110 DOWNLOAD
  I30K Interface for grippers series GS-10 and GW-10 with screws 9 DOWNLOAD
  I31K Interface for grippers series GS-16 and GW-16 with screws 14 DOWNLOAD
  I32K Interface for grippers series GS-20 and GW-0 with screws 21 DOWNLOAD
  I33K Interface for grippers series GS-25 and GW-25 with screws 43 DOWNLOAD
  I34K AA gripper mounting stud 65 DOWNLOAD
  I35K AA-25 gripper mounting stud 65 DOWNLOAD
  I36K PE-16 gripper mounting stud 190 DOWNLOAD
  I37K Interface for grippers series AA, GS-16, GW-16 and SGP-32S 85 DOWNLOAD
  OF14L80 Extension tube Ø14 with thread M12x1, 80mm long 12 DOWNLOAD
  OF20L100 Extension tube Ø20 with thread M17x1, 100mm long 30 DOWNLOAD
  OF30L120 Extension tube Ø30 with thread M27x1, 120mm long 65 DOWNLOAD